Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Yoho National Park is full of magnificent mountains and lakes that rival other more popular parks nearby. Because there are not as many tourists as other parks, Yoho let its visitors be more alone with nature.


After leaving Revelstoke, we traveled east along Trans-Canada Highway and stayed a night at Golden. It’s a typical small town with a little bit of everything. Like Revelstoke, there is a hiking trail. I happened to arrive in the afternoon.

There were many teenagers on the trail with skateboard and bikes. It reminds me of how things used to be simpler without all the technologies. Still, Golden looks modern and has all the accommodations for tourists and locals.

We left for Yoho National Park early. Along the way there, we found several bighorn sheep next to the highway. One of them was scratching its butt against the highway fence. I can’t imagine how tough the life must be when you can’t scratch your own butt.

Wapta Falls Trail

While still early, we arrived at Wapta Falls Trail. The trail is 4.8 km (3 miles) round trip with a moderate change in elevation. I walked the entire trail and reached the waterfall. Along the trail, there are several obstacles such as wetland and tree roots to watch out for. They kept me occupied. I walked quickly as there were several mosquitos wanting to eat me.

On the trail. I found two black wild chicken that I don’t know the name of. One of them kept still on a tree while letting me take pictures. It flew away once I stopped taking pictures. Perhaps he likes the attention. I was using a camera with big lens. He knew he will look good.

Wapta Falls, Yoho National Park

Because it was raining in the area often, Wapta Falls did not look its best. The water has a brownish color like Thai tea. Normally, the color should be greenish blue like emeralds. I can’t complain. Thai teas taste better than emeralds anyway.

You can also visit Wapta Falls in winter. Wapta means “running water” in Nakoda language. I wish they come up with a more creative name. The river of this waterfalls, however, is Kicking Horse River. That’s a much better name.

Natural Bridge

When something has “natural” in its name, it usually is a good thing. However, that’s not so with Natural Bridge. The bridge is basically a rock formation situated along a waterfall. Yes, you can use it a bridge. However, there are some gaps between the rocks. If you fall, the waterfalls will take you along Kicking Horse River. It’s like playing Super Mario Bros. You fall, you die. I tried to cross the bridge but decided not to risk my cameras.

There is no hiking trail for this attraction. There were several Chinese tourists in group tours. They arrived in a bus together.

Emerald Lake

The lake has an emerald color like its name. The weather was very nice in June. Some snow still covered a part of the hiking trail near the lake. There were several picnic areas. You can rent kayak too.  If you feel fancy, you can stay at Emerald Lake Lodge on a little peninsula that extends into the lake. A room costs about 300 CAD per night. A bitcoin would have worth a million USD first before I would spend that much on a room.

Like Natural Bridge, there is no hiking necessary to see the lake. As a result, there are several tourists here. Wish I could spend more time hiking.

Trans-Canada Highway

We continue on the highway east to go north on Icefields Parkway. There are always things to see. When I was there, the dandelions were blooming everywhere. These yellow flowers make good foregrounds with the Rocky Mountains in the background.


Thank you and stay tuned for the next post on Icefields Parkway.





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