Life can be difficult if one does not know who the true enemy is. Let us supposed that we can conquer any one entity in this world, who should we choose? For me, I do not like bankers. I wish I could conquer them all so our current corrupted financial system can end.

But that would not be the best choice. Here’s what Buddha said:

Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself.
Dhammapada 103

Basically, conquering oneself is always better than anyone else. A person who conquer oneself hold the mastery of self-control that cannot be taken away by anyone. From this self-control, he can train himself to act in the ways that are beneficial to himself and others.

Self-conquest is far better than the conquest of others. Not even a god, an angel, Mara or Brahma can turn into defeat the victory of a person who is self-subdued and ever restrained in conduct.
Dhammapada 104-105

Real Applications

Self-control is the main component for success in everything. With complete mastery of self-control, one can do anything.

For investors (and speculators), this is the one skill that determines if they will make or lose money. Investors who invest on emotion and follow the market will always lose money. Investors who take control of his emotion and invest on facts and logical prediction have more chance to make money.

For keeping good health, one must control oneself to eat and exercise properly. People who control their eating habit are rewarded with healthier life. If they exercise reguarly, their appearance are also more attractive than those who don’t.

Even with sex, one who controls their sexual desire well enjoys more happiness than those who cannot. For example, people who have sex with many partners have greater chance to get STDs than people who control themselves to just one partner. Even better, one who completely control and subdue his sexual desire can divert his sexual energy to do great things. It’s no wonder why the greatest minds in the world never married. They are people like Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton.

You are your own greatest enemy. Conquer yourself first, then you can anything.

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