I’ve always dislike cold weather. It’s harder to wake up for sunrise. I have to wear gloves that hinder my ability to control a camera. The batteries don’t last as long in cold temperature. I could go on and on.

However, without these challenges, photography won’t be entertaining much.  To prepare myself better, I went on a little camping trip to Galveston Island State Park in Texas. The temperature was at 9 degree C at low. It was also raining a little intermittently. It wasn’t relaxing at all camping there. On the plus side, I didn’t sleep very much and had more time exploring!


Galveston State Park

Galveston is not quite a photogenic area. I had to play very hard to compose the flat seashore with the brown seawater. It was very calming to walk along the beach, listening to the wave, while looking for the good photos.

Galveston State Park
The beach side

The park has two sides – the beach and the bay. Various kind of birds can be found on both sides.

Galveston State Park

Galveston State Park
The bay side

Driving along the Termini San Luis Pass road brings me to this.

Galveston State Park
It looked really plain. I edited this photo heavily to get this image.



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Galveston Winter Camping

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