Today, I am going to Los Angeles alone to experiment with long-term travel. Even though I’ve been to California before, I still feel a little anxious. Having freedom to choose where to work remotely and live is awesome. There is no office to go work at and no permanent home to return to. So I constantly have to take care of these needs on my own. Many things could go wrong here due to the unknown unknowns. But that’s the price of freedom.

This trip is named “Beyond the Sea” to match the goal of the trip. From this trip, I want to go beyond the limits. Particularly, the one that says everyone must be in office to work. I want to prove to myself that it is possible to work remotely and travel to beautiful places together. Life is too short and the world is too vast to travel for only three weeks a year. We can only be young once in a lifetime. I don’t want to waste this energy on things that do not matter much.

Everyone has a finite amount of time on this planet. I feel that every day I must win something in return for the time I’ve lost. There are many things to win. So far, knowledge and experience are the two “things” I enjoy winning the most. Money and material things can be taken away. They are too easy to forget. They only make us happy for a very short time.

I’m 27. I wasted too much losing past few years. Now I am going to travel so that I can win new experience daily.


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