Bay Area Park is a 64-acre park overlooking Armand Bayou in Southeast Texas. This park is unique thanks to the bayou and swamp that support many kinds of wildlife.

Sunrise, Sunset, and Stars

The highlight of the park for me is a boardwalk that extends into the bayou. This is where people can get away to the water without bringing a kayak. You can see both the sunrise and sunset from this same area. Unfortunately, it’s Houston. The is no mountain to make the view a little bit more scenic.The best time to visit is early morning when most people are not here. You can find several undisturbed wildlife on their daily routine.

Houston Bay Area Park
Houston Bay Area Park

What’ll you find here depends entirely on the weather. It is technically winter now so everything looks lifeless. The fog makes the place peaceful.In winter, the north wind occasionally blows away the water near the boardwalk. This leaves the place with dead trees and mud. The place is very beautiful when this happened.

The park closes at 10PM. It is a great place to see the stars. But it’s a shame that the light pollution is too strong for the milky way.


Houston Bay Area Park

In summer, you’ll see most of the wildlife including alligators and water birds. The alligators usually hang around the boardwalk near where people fish. They like to steal fishes that people caught.They are most active during dawn and dusk. Their eyes are similar to those of cat’s or owl’s with the ability to see in darkness. The eyes reflect light. I used flash to create this glowing eyes effect.

The most interesting fishes in the water here are alligator gars. These prehistoric fishes exist since million years ago. They can survive for about two hours above water. Their sharp teeth are the reason for their name. Fortunately, they don’t voluntarily come on land. Someone fished this one.

Raccoons and black vultures help clean up leftover foods in the area. I usually saw the raccoons at dusk in summer. The vultures seems to appear all year round. If you’re a bird person, this park has a lot to see. I almost always see an egret or a heron fishing every time I visit. Bring bird foods if you want the blue jay and cardinals to come out.

Houston Bay Area Park

Near the pond, there is always a group of ducks and geese waiting for people to bring foods. They are very friendly when you feed them.


Overall, this park is a great place to enjoy nature that is not too far from Houston. For its small area, there is so much to see at the times of a year. Try visiting the place at a different season and see how the landscape changes.


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