Flooding is a frequent problem in Bangkok. There is a reason why people often call Bangkok “Venice of the East.” However, I didn’t know how serious it is until I found myself in one. Here are some pictures from a flood in the middle of October.

It was a morning weekend after a week of almost constant rain. The weather was cool so I took the opportunity to explore the city. I arrived at a riverboat terminal at Wat Sri Bunreung. However, the water level was too high to allow boats to travel under bridges. No boat was operating at all. The operators were not sure when the water level would allow the boats to move.

Instead, I get on a bus traveling on Lard Phrao. That’s when I really see the flooding on the road. The water was high enough to level the sidewalk. At some section, the water goes above the sidewalk.

Most people look stressed. Still, several people smiled and went on with their day like usual. Thailand is truly the land of smiles even when it’s flooding.

I thought this flood is normal for Bangkok. After all, the title “Venice of the East” implies that waterways are everywhere in Bangkok. However, most people in the bus looked around and took pictures like they were actually in Venice.

According to the bus driver, this level of a flood is not common. There hasn’t been a flood like this since many years ago. The traffic was really bad as the cars cannot run with the water that high. I thought my plan for the weekend is over. However, the driver mentioned that Lard Phrao is often the first street in the area to flood. He was indeed right. At the north’s end of Lard Phrao, there is almost no water.

If you are traveling to Thailand in the rainy season (May to October), expects rain and flood like this. Although a flood like this doesn’t happen often in the past, there is no telling how that will change. If you should find yourself in a flood, the best way to get around is to use the rail trains since the traffic on the road will be nearly a standstill.

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